The Movement For Saving Jewish Jerusalem

In 1967 the Government of Israel decided to annex 28 Palestinian villages to Sovereign Jerusalem. These villages have never belonged to Jerusalem, but to the West Bank districts. The inclusion of 200,000 residents of these Palestinian villages in Jerusalem severely undermines the most essential components of the Capital of Jerusalem prosperity – security, demographic balance and quality of life and economy. The violent events in Jerusalem, which have become much more severe since September 2015, demonstrate more strongly the need to immediately reverse the wrong decision that has caused huge serious damage to the Capital of Israel and the State of Israel.

The majority of the Israeli public, at large the Jewish public, supports disengaging from the Arab villages that were annexed in 1967. In order to express and represent the opinion of this huge public and to repair the damage of the 1967 historic mistake, “The Movement For Saving Jewish Jerusalem” was established.

In order to realize and carry out this goal the movement is proposing a national plan based on the following highlights:

  1. Most of the Palestinian Arab villages annexed to Jerusalem in 1967 will be excluded from the sovereign territory of Jerusalem.
  2. A continuous Security Fence will immediately be set up between the Arab villages and Jerusalem, separating the Palestinians villages from the Jewish neighborhoods. This Security Fence will completely be connected to the existing separation fence between Israel and the settlement blocs – and the rest of Judea and Samaria (The West Bank).
  3. IDF and other security forces will enter and operate in the villages that have been separated from Jerusalem – just the way they are currently operating in villages and areas of the West Bank.
  4. Full sovereignty and municipal unity and uniformity will be in force on all Jewish Jerusalem, including Jewish neighborhoods built after the Six Day War. Jerusalem will also include the Old City, the “Holy Basin” and the original Jerusalem neighborhoods surrounding them.
  5. About 200,000 Palestinians will be excluded from the boundaries of Jerusalem. Jews will constitute more than 80% of the total population and the percentage of Palestinians will be reduced to less than 20%, instead of close to 40% today.
  6. Israeli Resident Card validity of those 200,000 Palestinians will expire. The heavy economic burden on Jerusalem and Israel and will be lifted, since the inclusion of these villages in Jerusalem has imposed on the Israeli taxpayer State and municipal taxes (in Jerusalem) – about 2-3 billion NS per year, according to estimates, about 75 billion ( in 2015 prices) NS since 1967.
  7. The Knesset will enact the necessary laws to ensure the security and the Jewish character of the city, according to the above objectives, and particularly the amendment to the constitutional Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel.